Hi, Welcome to Ang’s Boutique

Hi, Welcome to Ang’s Boutique

Hi Welcome to Ang’s Boutique ,

I’m Angela the owner and designer behind Ang’s Boutique

I’m a book dragon hoarder, sometimes blogger, caffeine enthusiast crochet designer. My happiest days are spent with my books, yarn and hook creating cute, cozy accessories like our Boutique Clutch.

Thanks for stopping by, here in my little corner of the web you will make a new friend, maybe get inspired and me sharing my crochet journey with you guys.

Gosh I haven’t blogged in forever, I was an avid blogger with my book blog PNR Book Lover Reviews where I would write about all the books I was reading and arcs from publishers and authors at the time. I did that for almost 20 years. You will notice I don’t have a formula , I just write what I am thinking, almost like in real life I just say what I’m thinking. So again Hi I am Angela, or Ang and It’s so lovely to meet you! I love meeting and making new friends, I am 39 have been married for almost 20 years and we have four children, we live on the sunny GoldCoast in Australia.

I thought it would be lovely to sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and get to know each other.

If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them. You can ask me anything. If you haven’t already please subscribe to my email list.

Where did Ang’s Boutique come from? Many moons ago I wanted a way to protect my books and my beloved kindle! I couldn’t afford a material clutch, this was at a time when they were mainly in the Us and Uk where the shipping and the currency is bonkas! I couldn’t justify the price when it was converted to AUD.

I knew how to knit and crochet a little bit but I didn’t know for the life of me how to design or even read a pattern. I went to my MIL who crocheted at the time and asked her ok so how would I do this, and she was lovely enough to show me, to be honest I was so confused and I would get my stitches mixed up and In the end she mad me my very first clutch. It was so simple and I freaking loved it.

Over time I got better at crocheting and taught myself how to read patterns and  to go on to design my all my own clutch’s. I went to YouTube if I’m being honest, and learnt some simple stitches and I read so many blog posts on how to read patterns and the terminology on the names of stitches.

In 2019 I opened my Etsy store with a handful of pre made clutches and then because I was used to having my own website, from a different business and my book blog I decided to create this little platform, well kinda I at the time was using another web host place and then we moved here.

So yeah, like i was saying lol I haven’t sat down and just blogged since 2020, as some know already, I am a avid reader but as time moved forward and I wanted to put all my eggs in the one basket as they say , and I made the hardest decision to step away form my blog, I opened my blog in 2010. There is more to that story but I don’t know if we have long enough to open that can of worms. Though To be perfectly honest it was the best decision! I love to read and reading become stressful and now its a hobby again with no fuss.

How long have I been crocheting for? For the past decade I have been learning, but in 2017/2018 that is when I really went all in and haven’t stopped.

My Mum is a knitter and I kinda know how to knit but its not good, I prefer crochet. So to answer that question again lol for 7/8 years almost.

What is your favorite Clutch design? I LOVE my Nereid clutch, its a tricky one to make and it takes about 6/8 hours from start to finish. I also love the Zeus clutch made from the classic Double Crochet cluster stitch aka the Granny stitch.

I am hoping to add a new blog post a week, at the moment we are in market prep mode, because in March I I will be attending my very first

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