Poseidon (Wave Stitch)

Poseidon (Wave Stitch)

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Poseidon; God of the Sea.

Coming Soon

When I started Ang’s Boutique all my clutches came in “The Classic” stitch, which is such a timeless style. However, as with all businesses, we learn and grow our craft as time goes on and currently I have 4 stitches available. 

Clutch is a Handmade Crocheted sleeve handmade for you to protect your books and Tablets.

Clutches Will Not Have Material inside .

Please don’t be alarmed the wool is super soft and will protect your book perfectly.

If you would like a Boutique  Clutch Made to order, please allow 2 weeks from ordering, as we will need to crochet  your Clutch.

When selecting color, please leave us a message with your order.

Or Email us at boutiqueclutchx@gmail.com

We have most colors. Check out our Instagram for more photos.

Kobo/Kindles- Paper White or 7inch screen

Small- Fits Mass Market books

Medium- Fits Most Traditional sized books

Large- Fits Most Big Paperbacks