Daphne Clutch

Daphne Clutch

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Daphne; was a Naiad nymph in Greek mythology; naiads were minor goddesses associated with fountains, wells, springs, and other types of freshwater bodies. She was the daughter of either the river god Peneus and Creusa, or the river god Ladon


When I started Ang’s Boutique all my clutches came in “The Classic” stitch, which is such a timeless style. However, as with all businesses, we learn and grow our craft as time goes on and currently I have a lot of stitches available.

Clutch is a Handmade Crocheted sleeve handmade for you to protect your books and Tablets.

Clutches Will Not Have Material inside .

Please don’t be alarmed the wool is super soft and will protect your book perfectly.

If you would like a Boutique  Clutch Made to order, please allow 2 weeks from ordering, as we will need to crochet  your Clutch.

When selecting color, please leave us a message with your order.

Or Email us at boutiqueclutchx@gmail.com

We have most colors. Check out our Instagram for more photos.

Kobo/Kindles- Paper White or 7inch screen

Small- Fits Mass Market books

Medium- Fits Most Traditional sized books

Large- Fits Most Big Paperbacks